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Saturday, February 19, 2011

Survival International's Amazing Cartoon on Tribal Development

Survival International is an international organization working for tribal people around the world, and help them protect their way of living,their lives, lands and help them determine their future for themselves and above all protect them from "modern" development, which in many ways divorces from their own culture and makes them unhappy.
Recently they released a cartoon book on tribal "development" which shows how multinationals and "civilized","modernized" businessmen, and so-called good samaritians, in the name of development and raising income levels of these "un-civilized","poor" tribals - ultimately only ruin their own sustainable ways of living and end up filling their own pockets.. Amazing Cartoon. In one of the pages, a economist(I guess he was economist!) remarks that "We tried income-generating activities...but some people seem satisfied with less than half a dollar a day!" - Talk of per capita income!
The cartoon book can be found here.

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