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Monday, December 13, 2010

The Problem with the Theory of Evolution

This article is touches upon the root cause of why this concept can be so problematic and dangerous - it looks it in terms of consciousness(a idea almost anti!)For in spite of there being no clinching evidence, the theory of evolution still continues to accepted without any challenge - when it is challenged, the evolutionists almost defend it in a manner akin to those who defend religion. Is evolution then a theory or a new "faith"? Going by the present scientific scenario, my opinion is that its the latter.

was told by some geologists that if we don’t start changing our policies, within fifty years, as far as energy is concerned, there will be no Ganges and no Yamuna because of global warming. Now, how many hundreds of people are depending on those rivers for survival? Geologists also say that in the future there will be wars fought over water. If we exploit the environment, we are going to get the reactions. But if we serve the environment, we are going to create prosperity. It’s all a matter of consciousness—do we want to serve or do we want to exploit?

That is why the concept of evolution, the concept of evolution from matter, is such a dangerous concept. Because, how does this concept impel us to improve our character? If we forget our souls and we think we are just matter, ultimately, nothing but our selfishness will matter to us. But if we are actually conscious of our true identity, our relationship with God, our relationship with the environment, and our relationship with every living being, we can actually start creating real prosperity because that prosperity will be based on the truth—that our relationship with everything and everyone is one of selfless service.

By Radhanath Swami

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